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If you are still in specialty training and 35 years-of-age or younger, consider applying! The award includes free registration for any ESCMID 2015 educational activity up to a maximum value of EUR 1'000. Remaining funds may be used for a journal subscription. Additionally up to EUR 500 will be reimbursed for travel expenses to the educational event.

During Giuseppe Cornaglia's tenure as a member of the Executive Committee, he worked to build-up ESCMID's international affairs programme. ESCMID is collaborating with societies and individuals in Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, China, India, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the Russian Federation, and Former USSR Asian Republics. ESCMID has now appointed him as the International Affairs Director and the leader of the recently formed ESCMID International Affairs Subcommittee (EIAS).

21 July 2014
In memoriam of our colleagues and friends who died on Flight MH17

ESCMID’s Committee Members were shocked and saddened to hear of the loss of many prominent members of the international AIDS community: researchers, clinicians and HIV activists on Flight MH17 traveling to the 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS2014) in Melbourne, Australia, including former International AIDS Society (IAS) President, Joep Lange.
This devastating event painfully reminds us of events in our lives that may reach any of us without or with little time for preparation. We honour all those who perished for their achievements and service on behalf of millions around the world.
Our thoughts are with the families and friends of those who lost their lives on Flight MH17.

-The ESCMID Executive Committee

We celebrate the efforts of those who work to advance the fields of CM and ID through our awards programme. The Excellence Award is the highest honour given by ESCMID and is awarded to an individual who has made great contributions to the fields of CM/ID. The Young Investigator Awards recognizes the achievements of up to two persons under 40 years of age. Submission deadline: 12 November 2014. about Excellence Award; about Young Investigator Award

Apply for an ESCMID Research Grant to pursue groundbreaking research in the fields of clinical microbiology and infectious diseases.

Deadline: 14 October 2014, 12.00 CET.

Former president of ESCMID (2005 – 2007) Ragnar Norrby, Stockholm, Sweden, died on 17 June 2014, at the age of 71. Ragnar´s dedication to the profession and to science and to ESCMID will be sorely missed by all of us. He was a central figure in international medical microbiology, infectious diseases and vaccinology. His funeral is Friday, 4 July in Solna Kyrka in Stockholm. Condolences can be sent to Gunnar Kahlmeter () and he will forward them to Ragnar´s family.

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  • The World Alliance against Antibiotic Resistance (WAAAR) has just released its WAAAR Declaration.
  • The Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics and the Antibiotic Resistance Coalition (ARC) have just been added to the list of initiatives active in the field of combatting antimicrobial resistance.
  • WHO has adopted a resolution on antimicrobial drug resistance on its World Health Assembly 2014.

Deadline: 4 September 2014
During ECCMID 2014, 177 participants from 53 countries completed the survey of the ESCMID Study Group for Nosocomial Infections (ESGNI). The preliminary results are promising, so we call on you to also complete the survey. Your input is crucial to help determine ESCMID's future activities in this field.

See impressions from the record-breaking ECCMID 2014! Not only did participants get the latest updates in their field, but they got a chance to network and meet colleagues! Link to ECCMID online material.

At the Sixty-seventh WHO World Health Assembly, resolution WHA67.25 calls the Director-General to develop and coordinate of a global action plan on antimicrobial resistance in the coming year. The current ESCMID President, Professor Murat Akova, says: "The growing concern of antibiotic resistance reinforces the need for intensified and collective action in and between countries and continents, so the drafting of a global action plan on antimicrobial resistance by WHO is another big step in the right direction and very welcomed by ESCMID."

Beside this, a number of other resolutions and action plans have been released on infection-related topics: viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, influenza, smallpox, polio and vaccines.

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